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Upcoming changes to Vapor with Sendable

Advance warning of some upcoming changes to Vapor as we continue our Concurrency journey.

Penny Update - Keep Up With Swift's Evolution and More

Vapor's Penny Discord bot has been getting better and better. She can not only give coin to members, but also ping members for keywords, and keep users up to date with Swift's evolution.

PostgresNIO Security Vulnerability

We've fixed a security issue in PostgresNIO - CVE-2023-31136

Updating Vapor's Templates for Swift 5.8

You may notice some changes in Vapor's templates - we've updated then for Swift 5.8, with a unified target and using the latest `@main` syntax.

What We're Working On: March 2023

Learn about what we're working on this month for Vapor and what our goals are for the next 6 months.

API and Infrastructure Updates

The API docs have been migrated to DocC and we've finished migrating all of Vapor's infrastructure to AWS.

New Year, New Me

We're starting to roll out Vapor's new Design to the websites!

Vapor's API Docs Are Changing

The API docs are changing as we finish migrating to AWS