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The beginner issues project board is here

Have you thought about contributing to Vapor but you don't know where to start? Check out the good first issue projectboard.

The beginner issues project board is here

So you want to contribute to Vapor but you're a beginner. Or maybe you want to do some open-source contribution but you don't know where to start. Then we may have the solution for you.

Why have we created this project board?

As new developers or even experienced developers, we've probably all been in a position of wanting to create something or wanting to contribute to a project but not really knowing where to start.

That's why not too long ago we implemented a workflow that takes issues labeled with the good first issue label from all repositories in the Vapor organisation and creates them as cards on the Beginner Issues Project Board. These issues are generally not too hard to solve but they're a great gateway into contributing to Vapor. So do check the board out if you're interested.

The project board does 3 things automatically so it's easy to keep track of these issues. Create a card when an issue is tagged with good first issue. Move the card to the In progress column if the issue has been assigned to someone and lastly move closed issues to the Done column.

Expanding this idea

In the future we will be setting up another project board like this for the help wanted labeled issues as well. And we could expand this more depending on the needs of the community and what we think would help towards organising issues and getting people to contribute.