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Penny Update - Keep Up With Swift's Evolution and More

Vapor's Penny Discord bot has been getting better and better. She can not only give coin to members, but also ping members for keywords, and keep users up to date with Swift's evolution.

Penny Update - Keep Up With Swift's Evolution and More

We just released yet another update for Penny - our beloved Discord bot - and she now keeps you updated on Swift's evolution.
Anytime there is a proposal change, Penny will post a message in the #swift-evolution channel so you don't fall behind on the news.
Small Bonus is, you can receive all the updates on your own server! Just go to #swift-evolution and click the Follow button.

Some Story

For a long time, Penny used to have problems giving coins to members.
That wasn't good because how else were we supposed to pay another helpful member when they've shown us a solution which would have otherwise took us hours or days to figure out?!
That's exactly why Tim and Benny started working on rewriting Penny and updating it with all the recent advancements the Server-Side Swift community has made.
It was 9 months ago that I noticed Tim mention Penny is having problems staying connected to Discord Gateway. Long story short, I released DiscordBM for this reason.
DiscordBM helped us get Penny rolling and now she's been working pretty nicely for the last 8+ months.

How Is She Looking Right Now?

Penny uses an automated process for deployments.
Whenever there is an update to Penny's repository, the CI will:

We still have a lot in mind for Penny, but for now she can:

Keep an eye out for the upcoming features.
You might find some sneak peaks on the Github repository 😉