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We're looking for a designer!

Vapor is looking for a designer to help update our sites and branding

We're looking for a designer!

As announced recently, we're currently doing a lot of work behind the scenes at Vapor to both improve the experience for developers and users, build the community and grow Vapor and server-side Swift.

As part of this, we're going to be updating our sites and are looking for a designer to help us do this! This will be a large project encompassing the main site, this blog, the docs and some new sites and pages we have in the works.

We're happy with the overall style, including the colour scheme and logos but want to create a good foundation to take the project to the next level andd standardize our design language across all the different sites. As well as getting the sites redesigned there's also scope to build some iconography and images if it makes sense.

Whilst I'm sure a project like this that gets a lot of eyes and affects a large number of people would be 'good exposure', to be clear this is a paid piece of work!

If you're interested please email tim@vapor.codes with a link to your portfolio and any examples of your work and we'll take it from there!